Binocular Vision Training

If we diagnose a binocular vision problem, we can provide training to eliminate the problem. These difficulties often are an impediment to reading. They are often improperly diagnosed and then left untreated. This problem can lead to poor performance.

We often work with adults, not limiting to school age children, to correct a problem that was always present, but never addressed.

We use computer programs to increase vision skills that the patient can install on their home computer. This system tracks progress while training the eyes to perform tasks that are important to our everyday lives.

Contact Lenses

We provide a full range of contact lenses for all needs and lifestyles, such as:

  • Bifocal corrections of various designs
  • New lenses for the correction of astigmatism
  • Tinted lenses that change or enhance your own eye color. These come in a variety of modalities from disposable to those correcting astigmatism.

We not only fit soft lenses of all types and designs but also gas permeable lenses, especially for those that are more difficult to fit. Often these patients have had problems elsewhere and may have been told they were poor candidates for these lenses. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest in contact lens designs, and we offer a wide range of corrections.

General Optometry

General Optometry
We provide:

  • A complete vision evaluation, that include a precise refraction, which provides for optimal distance correction.
  • And tailor your prescription for any specialty needs such as computer use, sports or any activity that requires attention.

We examine all structures in and around the eye. This is to evaluate health and proper function. We will check for:

  • Presence of cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • And more obscure problems that can go undetected for periods of time, but can later cause problems with vision.

We also test and measure binocular function. Many patients have undiagnosed deficiencies in eye coordination that can manifest itself in less than adequate reading performance or even reduce athletic skills. We provide several techniques that can have a profound effect on visual performance.

Medical Treatment

We provide a wide range of anterior segment treatments. We also work with dry eyes. Routinely managed at the Family Eye Clinic:

  • Corneal injury
  • Anterior inflammation
  • Glaucoma

Our referral network of ophthalmologists assures you of receiving specific medical treatment if a condition is presented that requires more involved treatment.


Every one of our offices has the equipment and staff to provide:Optical

  • Have full optical services
  • The most up to date and fashionable frames
  • The latest lens technologies

Several different lens designs are used from invisible bifocals to space age coatings that make night driving or computer work much more comfortable. We can offer eyewear that specifically address your lifestyle needs. Whether it be computers or golf, crochet or violin; we can find the optimal lens design for you to get the most from your activity.